Gender equality, one of the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals, is a critical force that can reduce poverty and inequalities across the globe. While many organizations have tried to tackle this problem through sports programming,  most are unable to reach their full potential.

In the past, our team has coached small and medium-sized girls’ empowerment organizations in South Africa and Germany. From those experiences, our lead organizer, CamP Group, has identified 3 areas of potential improvement:

  1. Systemizing program design and curriculum through meta reflection on organizations’ activities​

  2.  Increasing organizations’ knowledge and skills with impact orientation program design and evaluation to increase program sustainability and robustness

  3. Improving the ability of organizations to communicate achievements and learnings to advocate for their goals towards social change.

Girls in the Lead intends to support these areas by aiding in the capacity building of girls’ and women’s empowering sports development organization, opening a network for best-practice exchange and encouraging the interdisciplinary sharing of knowledge within national and international contexts.

We would like to thank the Swedish Postcode Foundation for making this project possible!